Premiere Legacy Package

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Client Consultation
By phone; in person in a 60-mile radius of Westport, CT *

Audio Interview

  • 4-hour Interview (1 person) or 2-hour interview with 2 people
  • Backend editing of interview
  • Interview placed on CD-ROM
  • Custom Label created for CD
  • Interview placed also on USB Flash Drive

Photo Book

  • Maximum of 50 pages (Cover material: Linen   Size: 8.5 x 11 inches)
  • Client provides/chooses photos for book – either actual photos or a CD of digital photos in .jpeg format
  • Client captions photos
  • Legacy Team will prepare photos for upload to bookmaking software
  • Legacy Team uploads all photos to create the first draft of book
  • First Review, make changes suggested by client, and create second draft
  • Dedication written by Legacy Team
  • Photo Book is ordered
  • CD-ROM placed inside Photo Book
  • Two copies of completed book


WANT MORE?  Additional services from the Legacy Project are available.  Should an additional amount of time be required, after the Initial Review a rate of $75 per hour is charged to the base price. For a large size book (11.5 x 15 inches) add $50; for a leather-bound book add $50. See other extra services.

* Please inquire about travel time charges if travel is outside the 60-mile radius.