The Legacy Project USA Team

Suzanne Sheridan – Photographer/Songwriter

A professional photographer and award-winning singer/songwriter, Suzanne has indeed lived up to her advertising: “the best photographer in New York is…in Westport, CT”. As the co-founder of both The Legacy Project USA, Suzanne has used her photographic skills and talents to benefit many, many clients. Her sensitivity, compassion, humanity, and beauty are reflected in her photographs – of which there are thousands. Her songwriting skills have gained her several awards, including a John Lennon Songwriters Award. She has performed her Joni Mitchell/Leonard Cohen tribute concert in the US, Canada, and Australia. She will write a song written especially for you if you choose to include that in your Legacy Project.

Rozanne Gates – Writer, Interviewer

As the partner of Suzanne Sheridan and co-founder of The Legacy Project USA, Rozanne comes to this work with many years of experience in the business of show business – as an actor’s agent for 22 years (interviewing hundreds of actors); as Production Manager at the Westport Arts Center; as Director of Development at the Fairfield Theatre Company; and creator of “Shop Talk” (interviewing theatre professionals for theatre professionals) at the Drama Book Shop in New York City. She has authored the books “How to Succeed in the Business of Show Business…or everything they don’t tell you in acting school but I will” and “A Tale of Courage in Red, White, and Blue – the Life Story of Ed Johnson,” “The Story of Elaine and Gerry Rosenberg,” “The Operatic Life Journey of Giovanna Malangone Ambrusco,” and “The Writings of Ann Galloway” – all for The Legacy Project USA; many newspaper and magazine articles; and press releases for many organizations including Ina Chadwick’s MouseMuse Productions. As an actor’s agent, Rozanne started the careers of Edward Norton, William H. Macy, Chris Noth, Joe Mantegna, Rainn Wilson, Lynne Thigpen, Bronson Pinchot, and Robert Prosky to name a few. Outside of interviewing people for The Legacy Project USA, Rozanne’s next biggest passions are tennis, horses, dogs, and traveling.

Diane Hassan – Genealogy

With over ten years of genealogy experience, Diane’s efforts have allowed her to witness family reunions, locate birth parents and resolve an array of family history mysteries on behalf of her clients. She is the Research Specialist for the Danbury Museum & Historical Society. As owner of Search & Research, she has provided research services to filmmakers, authors, scholars and historians nationwide. As an author, she has contributed articles to Connecticut Ancestry and Nase Rodina, Connecticut Explored and is a contributing writer for the Danbury NewsTimes. As a member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and the Connecticut Historical Society, Diane has access to a wealth of records, genealogy-related materials, historic newspaper databases and other online resources. In addition to the United States, she has conducted searches for client ancestors in Canada, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and other Eastern European countries. Diane is a graduate of the University of Hartford.