Valuing Your Family

The Legacy Project USA is very aware of how much our families mean to us. It became very personal when Suzanne Sheridan’s father passed away on the morning of Tuesday February 16. Her 4 sisters and 1 brother came together in love and memory of a truly unique and memorable father, Jack Fazio. The family had the opportunity to create photo boards for the day of the funeral. They were mostly photos of Jack with his children and grandchildren. I kept thinking what a gift it is at a time like this to have those memories in photos. And the day after the funeral, the children gathered at their father’s home and found even more photo books. The laughter was so good to hear: the laughter of looking back at silly moments, silly memories, wonderful memories, stories being told, and lots of good fun joking about the times they had together. And fortunately, Jack’s stories had been recorded.

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