Memories Are Made of This

How to create YOUR Life Legacy
by Suzanne Sheridan and Rozanne Gates of
The Legacy Project USA.

Looking back is sometimes the way to move forward. In the telling of our own individual life stories we reconnect with our own history and in so doing, we give our life as a gift to the people coming after us.

Suzanne Sheridan and Rozanne Gates make only request – please do not say that you don’t have an interesting story to tell. Guess what – you do. Everyone has a fascinating story to tell and to ultimately leave behind as a placemark, saying “I am here, I was here, I will be here long after I am gone.” The stories help connect us inter-generationally. There is no more powerful statement of the time you have put into your life than telling your own story, in your own words

Suzanne Sheridan and Rozanne Gates will discuss in this 2-hour workshop what goes in to creating such a legacy and how they have done it for their Legacy Project clients. Suzanne and Rozanne have seen how families come together in creating their Legacy Project, how energized people become when they are allowed to tell their story in a relaxed and uninterrupted setting, and how much fun it is to remember all those stories and be able to tell them for posterity.

Let Suzanne and Rozanne entertain you with some great excerpts from some of their Legacy Projects and let them teach you how they do this wonderful work.

November 4, 2010 7:00pm-9:00pm
at The Westport Writer’s Workshop

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