A Mother’s Day Delivery

When Suzanne and I started The Legacy Project USA a little more than 9 months ago, we were setting out on a path that neither one of us could clearly define. Nor did we fully understand the impact that what we were offering could add so much value to people’s lives. We were hoping to add value to our own lives by being able to make a living, but what we have discovered in the last few months is that people need to tell their stories. And the family needs to be involved in the creation of the legacy. On Mother’s Day, Suzanne and I were able to deliver a finished Project to a wonderful family in Greenwich. 8 books had been ordered and even though we were told that delivery on Mother’s Day was not urgent, when we arrived with the books we could tell that this was one happy family. Here was the book they had waited for – filled with heirloom photos that would now be preserved for ever and ever. Suzanne did such a magnificent and careful job putting this 49-page book together for our family in Greenwich. The book was greeted with comments like, “This totally exceeds my expectation”, “I could never have dreamed this would be so beautiful” “Thank you, thank you, thank you – you have no idea how much this means to our family”. Let me tell you – with responses like that, Suzanne and I know for sure that starting this business was about the best decision we could have made – not only for ourselves but for you, too.

One thought on “A Mother’s Day Delivery

  1. This has been a great adventure so far and thank you Rozanne for describing it so accurately. The journey has been one of learning and of helping others to heal, from
    things that have happened, events that can not be undone but which when spoken about, leave one a bit more whole, more understood, more communicated and therefore, more healed.
    Life has been much more interesting since we began the Legacy Project USA. It is truly a gift that has given so much to both Rozanne and myself as well as to the people we have interacted with from all walks of life.
    This is a wonderful gift, an amazing adventure , and in a gentle way , much more profound than either of us could have imagined. Thank you all of those who were willing to tell your stories, tell your history and to get it down
    for posterity. We are moved and touched by your stories and somehow, we are better people for it.

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