Book Products and Prices

Our service is based on our hourly fee of $75 per hour. We require a $250 deposit to begin the interview process. Pay online and we will contact you to schedule. OR call us to make a deposit and begin the interview process.

Your Legacy Project is unique to your needs so we adapt accordingly.
Products and Services include:

  1. Audio Interview placed on:
    1. CD
    2. Flash Drive
    3. Uploaded as a .wav file and sent via Dropbox


  1. Video Interview placed on DVD or digitized as an .mp4 or .mov file for uploading to Dropbox


  1. Transcription of Audio Interview for purpose of creating a hard-bound, library book or Photo Documentary book.
  2. Organizing and inserting any and all digitized materials including documents and photos for inclusion in book.

Once the extent of your Legacy Project is determined we will forward a Client Agreement to you and upon signing, we ask that a deposit of $250 be made to begin the interview process. Please click on the DEPOSIT link above.