Books arrived from Suzanne on Wednesday. Took it over to Mom yesterday. She was overwhelmed. Tears, then stories to go with the pictures and gratitude for the recognition and fuss made over her. A huge success. She and Harriet then took it down to the community room and the hairdresser’s to show all her friends and neighbors. I had already shown her the videos of the interview and the party but, we’ll watch them again over the weekend. This all turned our to be more extraordinary than I ever could have imagined. Thanks you for all you did to make it happen. Terry D.

Thank you for everything, because of you, I have his (my dad’s) amazing voice preserved! C. M.

My parents have really been enjoying reading and rereading the book.The book has provided everything I was hoping for: Mom and Dad feel valued, validated, and very loved.Their legacy will live on in print for the rest of time.I haven’t watched the video portion yet as I am saving that for the holiday with everyone gathered, but I’m sure that will become the most treasured part of the process and final project. I’ve got to admit, I sincerely miss you both and I secretly wish we were still working on the book so I could see your smiling faces on a regular basis.

“Using evocative photographs, an audio interview and text, the Legacy Project USA perfectly captured my 90-year old mother’s spirit and created a heartwarming montage of her life that not only filled me with joy but that future generations of our family will surely treasure.”

“Thank You for the Aunt Mary and Lil Legacy Project. Just wanted to thank you again for putting together this wonderful set of memories of my dear family. The Legacy Project has captured the essence of their beings – their joys, their sorrows, their trials and tribulations. As with all families, there were so many set backs, but with the strength and knowledge passed down through each generation they pushed through, survived, and managed to live life to its fullest. And they shared many good times!

I cannot tell you how much watching the video and reviewing the photo album touches my heart. The pictures of my Mom and Dad, my Gramma and Grampa, my great Grandparents, aunts, cousins, and distant relatives all bring back such wonderful memories. As Paul Simon said in one of his songs: “Preserve your memories, their all that’s left you now.” At my age, these words have never rung more true. I so miss these people, but now I can see them, remember them, HEAR them and feel their presence.

I am so grateful to have you both in my life to help me keep and cherish memories of a wonderful family that I continue to love. The stories we have recorded are priceless, and I hope that future generations of my family take this opportunity to really know and appreciate their roots.”

“The Legacy Project USA has presented our family with a priceless heirloom: our heritage. The hard-bound 300-page volume is stunning, both editorially and photographically. We know that seven generations from now this family history, “Ever Onward,” spine-cracked, faded, and well-worn, will be a prized, vibrant road-map for our children’s children’s explorations of their past. From the entire McNeil and Rose clans, we thank the Legacy Project USA for a remarkable process and product!”

“You have done more than you can imagine. The legacy books have given more joy to me and my family then even you thought possible. They even arrived at the perfect time for us. They are so wonderful. Thank you.”

We love love loved the DVD. We watched it the first day and loved it!!!! Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!! It was so artistic. We loved the musical segues and the interview with Olivia was priceless.

“We just finished listening to the interview, which was absolutely wonderful. It is something I will treasure. Knowing that I have a record of Joey’s words of wisdom and expressions of love for his family, spoken in his own voice, is meaningful and comforting.”

“They have really helped me preserve memories of my family and have interviewed many of my aunts and great aunts. Now their stories are protected. I’ve heard when someone dies, it is like a wing of a library closing as you lose so much information about history, now that I’ve hired them countless times, I feel like I am stemming that tide a bit.”

“The images in the companion book are beautiful and the layout and quality are superb. Suzie didn’t miss a thing.”

“For a Mother’s Day present, I hired The Legacy Project USA to do a profile of my mom’s remarkable life. Rozanne made it fun, exciting and engaging. Soon, my mom got into the spirit of things and started pulling out family albums and talking about all sorts of amazing events that had taken place in her life with her family and especially her husband of 46 years. My Dad is no longer with us, nor are any of the other relatives of my mom’s generation. However, their spirits live on through the words that my mom spoke and Rozanne and Suzanne beautifully captured through their interviews and photography. If you have an older parent or parents, you cannot give them or yourself a greater gift than to work with Rozanne Gates and Suzanne Sheridan. It is truly special because they are both truly special people.”

“Everyone has a legacy and the way that you tie it all together is remarkable!!!”

“I saw your business on the web as you requested me to. I came back to Arkansas to live with my mother in 1997, so she could stay in her home. It wasn’t until 2007 that she got to the point where I had to put her in a nursing home. It broke my heart! She passed away the next year and she was almost 93. I watched the video on your site and of course I teared up. Thank you and Suzanne for what you do. Beyond words!!!”

“I am so glad we had you do my in-Laws 50th anniversary party! My mother in law has since gotten ill with lung cancer and although the prognosis is very good, it makes it poignant to document these wonderful occasions. So I am very grateful to both of you for your talent and warmth, kindness and charm that you exuded while we worked together on this project.”

“I admire you for taking this on – smart, sensitive and genuine interest in others.”

“Good for you and Suzanne for doing this. You are making people very happy.”

“I was thinking about this today actually and I know what you are doing is very significant. Everyone matters and everyone has a story to tell. After all, you can’t escape life no matter how hard one tries, and in that lies a story. Story Corps, as you may know, made an attempt at that. Your idea of turning it into a book is genius.”

“I was hoping to do this before my father passed. But it didn’t happen. Now I am grateful to have this legacy of my mother. My children and all their children will be able to know their great-grandmother.”

“Our legacy album will be a family treasure for generations. Working with Rozanne and Suzanne is relaxing and fun, like being at a really good party. They know how to get at the heart of each person, through images and words.”

“What a great idea. I am going to bring you to my father’s 80th birthday so you can record him for all of his children.”

“I wish that I had my grandmother’s Irish voice on tape telling her stories of immigrating to New York with some great pictures of her in a nice book. I know I missed my chance with her, but I will definitely do this with my father. Thank you for helping to keep our family legacy alive.”

“Suzanne, how do you do it? Your photos captured Mom exactly as she is. She must have really liked you.”

“Thanks so much for coming to our home. For years, I have wanted Dad to tell me all those stories. I just never got around to it. I am so grateful, the whole family is grateful, that he felt so comfortable with you and that you got him to tell his story. It is the one treasure we will have forever.”